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Incorporate a continental flair into any room with our café style shutters that cover only the bottom half of the window, providing privacy at street level whilst maximum daylight illuminates the room from above. A perfect addition to your kitchen, especially the 100% waterproof Java range to withstand the humidity of cooking environment and the easy wipe clean feature to maintain the high quality finish of all of our shutters. (For more information on our range of materials click here).

Ideal for rooms that face the street, they can enhance the authentic look of Victorian properties or complement contemporary decor.

Key Features:

  • Privacy at eye level
  • Accentuate window features
  • Let in natural light at the top of a window
  • Great look for bay windows
  • Option to match with curtains or blinds

Suitable for:

  • Cafés and restaurants
  • Homes by pavements and roads requiring extra privacy
  • Coupling with existing curtains or blinds in bedrooms


Cafe Style Shutters