Inside Recess

Outside Recess

Multi-Fold Shutter Panel



Single Shutter Panel

Using a mid rail

Design Options

Mid Rail

Adding a mid rail separates the shutter into two sections so the top and bottom louvres rotate independently, to give you maximum privacy as the bottom ones can be closed and optimum light as the top ones can remain open.

Tilt Rods
This is the bar that runs down the shutter to enable you to operate the tilt on the attatched louvres. You can choose to have it situated in the centre or offset to either the left or the right. If you have the midrail option, there will be a tilt rod situated on each section.

Upgrade Available: Silent Tilt (see Optional Extras)


To perfectly match your shutters with your existing decor, choose to customise the hinges, catches, magnets and ring pulls, creating a seamless finish to your room.

Some material options (nickel or stainless steel hinges) are available for a supplement.

Centre and Offset tilt rods

Frame Options
Our surveyor will assess your window's features including the recesses, type of window, direction of opening and handles. They can then be fitted in one of three ways:

Inside Recess - The frame sits inside the recess and creates a frame surround. Shutters are then placed into the frame and panels can be opened, but do not sit flush to the wall.

Edge of Recess - These shutters can sit flush with the wall that is facing the room as long as there is no other physical barrier to prevent this. There is also a Z-frame style option which gives an architrave surrounding the window.

Outside Recess - This is required if there is too little depth of recess to install the shutter frame or where windows open inwards, so the shutters are fixed to the outside and can still fold back.

Bifold Shutter Panel

Shutter Panels

There are three different styles of shutter panels to choose from, and our specialist will ensure your window is suited  to the desired option, and will talk you through your choices during an appoinment.

Single shutter panels - These are situated in one frame. For example, are suited to a small window or a single french door.

Bifold Shutter Panels - These are two shutter panels hinged together, and fold at the joint when opened.

Multi-Fold Panels - Where more than two shutters are hinged together, and the section folds in a concertina action. Only four panels can be hinged together without using a tracking system, and the density of the chosen material will dictate how many panels can be hinged together.

S:CRAFT shutters aim to provide you with the widest possible choice to suit your vision and unique style. Depending on the material you choose and your windows themselves, there are varying optional extras for you to consider, which can be discussed with you during an at home appointment.

Browse our options to give you an idea of what we can offer:

Louvre Sizes

To cater for your individual needs of light, privacy, aesthetics and proprtion, there are different sizes of louvres to choose from. Large louvres give optimum light and view, and smaller ones maximise the privacy. Our most popular option is mid size louvres to give you the best of both worlds.

Curved Louvres:  47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm
Flat Louvres (Only on Sumatra):  60mm, 84mm

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