Hygienic Coating
Shutters are already quick and easy to clean with a simple wipe and don't harbour as much dust particles as fabric coverings, but especially for dust allergy sufferers, you can go a step further.
S:CRAFT offer a unique Hygienilac coating which kills most types of bacteria within 24 hours and is effective for as long as 10 years.

Fire Retardant Coating
Our entry level Antigua shutters are made from MDF with a polymer coating and are available with a fire retardant coating for complete peace of mind.

Silent Tilt
As opposed to a visible rod to control the tilt on the louvres, the silent tilt mechanism allows you to rotate the louvres by tilting one, and they will all move with it; giving a cleaner more contemporary look to the room. As with the visible tilt rods, sections can be independently operated with mid-rail or tier-on-tier designs.
You can also choose where the silent tilt is located, and multiple tilts can be added to larger windows to increase versatility.

To complete your shutters for the perfect addition to your home, there are a few optional extras for you to consider.

Room Darkening
If you want to completely blackout a room to the effect of a blackout blind whilst still enjoying the flawless aesthetic of S:CRAFT shutters, then you can choose to add the room darkening blind system. Running in its own channel behind the shutter, this pleated blind eliminates all external light so your family can get a peaceful sleep.
It is available with our Antigua, Fiji and Sumatra ranges, for full height and tier-on-tier shutter styles.

Fixed Louvres

If you wish for your shutters to be a style statement rather than have a fuctional purpose then fixed louvres could be an option - ideal for room dividers and wardrobe doors. However the visible or silent tilt rods are the best option for light and ventilation control.


Optional Extras

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